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Parents’ Night-Out – Every Friday!!

Every Friday, we host a very special activity at Gracie Barra Montreal-Ouest exclusive for our members:

A full 2-hour session for kids of all ages!

It starts at 6pm with a usual Jiu-Jitsu class that lasts around 45min. After that, it is all about movie and games until 8pm!

It is a moment that our kids look forward to; when they do learn to fight but also have some fun with their team mates on the mats.

And while your children are with us, You get to spend some quality time with your partner to relax at the end of a busy week.

Right here on Westminster Av. there a few restaurants just steps from our school; a short drive to NDG and there are plenty of other options for you to choose from.

And of course that this is just another perk for the members of our school, at no extra cost.

No need to plan and reserve a spot in advance either, just drop your kid at the school and go enjoy the moment you will have for yourself!

Feel free to contact us for more information about our membership and this and all of the other benefits.