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Women’s Self Defense Program in Montreal

Gracie Barra is the number One Stop for Montreal Self Defence and that of Course Includes Women!

You’ll notice a very positive and friendly environment when you enter our school. Although martial arts can be intimidating for women, our school in montreal definitely isn’t. You will find a group of girls who are excited to be there and excited to have you there. The instructor will run several basic drills and after a few classes you will catch up with the rest of the group. Once you master the basics you will really enjoy the intensity of a class based on effective self-defense techniques and real life scenarios. Our team is friendly and welcoming enough for women to just join regular mixed classes. Yet, We do also offer a women only class every Friday.

women bjj montreal jiu-jitsu

Should a girl know how to fight? Why should a women be part of Gracie Barra?

Aside from all classes offered in the Gracie Barra Program Structure for adults, our school offers a class designed to introduce women to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As a martial art designed to allow the weaker to defeat the stronger, BJJ is a perfect fit for women who are interested in learning how to protect themselves ? and who wouldn’t be, right?

The Gracie Barra Women’s Program combines a comprehensive self-defense curriculum with emphasis on techniques that can be realistically used against a stronger opponent.

The techniques are complemented by a strong fitness component that is second to none compared to classes offered in regular gyms. And a lot more fun of course.

Classes specially designed for women like  Self-Defense, Anti-Bullying (yes, adults get bullied too), BJJ Conditioning and social “get togethers” are added benefits to the ordinary GB activities and create a strong bond between the members of the Gracie Barra Team.

Gracie Barra Montreal is located at 3975 Notre Dame St. West in St-Henri – Montreal. Call us or just drop by and experience the difference.

“A black belt is a white belt who never quits.”

– Carlos Gracie Jr.


Benefits of Joining our Women’s Program

  • Learn how to protect yourself from most common attacks
  • Develop awareness and self-confidence to deal with typical assaults against women
  • Increase focus, energy and concentration
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level
  • Become part of the “GB Family”
  • Train in over 6 different locations in Montreal and 800 worldwide

“One in six girls will be subjected to sexual assault in their lifetime.”